Collage Kits for Workshops

WSQG Quilt Wyoming Blue Truck

TEENY TINY TRUCK 19″x23″ Fabric Kit Pattern sold separately


WSQG Quilt Wyoming Blue Truck

TEENY TINY TRUCK 19″x23″ Fabric Kit Pattern sold separately


PATTERN FOR THE BLUE OR RED TRUCK {Teeny Tiny Collage Pattern #2}

This pattern includes reductions of the original patterns for truck, fox, and cow.


WSQG Collage Class Steam a Seam 2

3 yards needed for the Tiny Truck. Price is for 3 full yards.


WSQG collage class Pattern Ease

1 yard needed for the Tiny Truck We will “build” our collage on the pattern ease.


WSQG collage class Karen K Buckley Scissors

Needed for class Karen Kay Buckley’s 6″ Perfect Scissors. Micro serrated blade keeps fabric from slipping so cutting is more accurate. Helps to prevent frayed edges. Comfortable soft handles and protective plastic cover.


WSQG collage class Goddess Pressing Sheet

2 appliqué pressing sheets are needed for class. Price is per each. ⬇️ NOTE: One of the pressing sheets could be the bonus sheet that comes with the next product ⬇️


WSQG class Silicone Pressing mat

Useful for the Tiny Truck collage class The see-though design provides great visibility for appliqué creation. Simply place your paper design below the transparent fusing mat, then easily layer and fuse your composition on top of the fusing mat. Specialized non-slip silicone prevents movement of your mat or fabrics, so your pattern remains in place while ironing. Just place your fusing mat on a wool ironing mat or other ironing pad when ironing, and fuse your design without the worry of moving pieces. ⬆️ BONUS PRESSING SHEET: Includes a thick 17″ x 24″ non-stick pressing sheet to protect your iron! Simply place the pressing sheet over your fabric while ironing to prevent any fusible from getting on the sole plate of your iron {counts as ONE of your pressing sheets} ⬆️


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